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Important information ♡

Hi everyone!

Today this newsletter is a little different.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your continued support which has allowed my small business to grow positively.

From the beginning trust and communication have been the centre of 33bis' ethos,

this is why I wanted to let you know that from the 15th of October prices of my articles will increase. There is no mystery as to why, the increase in the price of raw materials, packaging and energy has impacted directly the evolution of the brand and as a consequence, I need to adapt my prices. For example, the new headbands will be £32 instead of £26.

The increase in price will only affect the new products and restocked items,

the current stock will not be affected for a smooth transition.

I prefer to let you know in advance so that you can purchase an accessory

you've got your eye on before they are restocked with the new price!

Thank you for your trust and understanding,




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