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Timeless - Handmade - Limited Edition

French - Independent

Slow fashion


A line designed for Women who dare to enjoy life

and who are looking for character and kindness in her wardrobe.


The face behind the brand

"When I create a collection,

I always think of la femme 33bis,

she is a woman full of life who is on

a journey of self-discovery & love.

So I'll design her a garment that will bring her:

Kindness by using soft and comfortable fabrics;

Femininity through a subtle balance of colours;

Elegance in the line & inspiration of the collection.

Since the beginning, I have always been driven by the desire

to design clothes and accessories that celebrate the female form,

using bright colours and prints that reflect an enthusiasm for life."

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I just love to create from feelings and express them through the colours, drapes, fluidity and softness of the fabric on your skin.

The Story

How it started...

I began making from a young age,

thanks to my amazing mamie, my grandmother,

who taught me how to sew as a little girl.

Her energy,

her passion and her story

are a constant inspiration.

And to this day when I go home in Paris,

we go in search of fabrics all over town.

One of our little tradition together.


work motivation.jpg

After my graduation from fashion school in Paris,

I wanted to travel and have different kind of experiences

in the fashion world.

I feel lucky to have been able to compare from experiences in Italy and London, what fashion is in a small company and in a prestigious one. More importantly to have been able to realize what fashion means to me and to follow that little voice that says

-Yes I think I can do this, at least I'll try my best!-

Having two artists as mother & father,

I grew up in a peculiar and magical environment.

They can make everything from their bare hands (no understatement here, from drawing to sculpting to building their own house !)

It also made me see, what other people saw as Talent & Greatness, completely Standard.

Which put the barre pretty high.

But I thought I'd try.

And even though my family and friends believed in me since the beginning, it is only when I won the Young Talent Contest

of the Carrousel du Louvre, that I realized - Oh... Ok... I can actually do this... ! -

When I met incredible customers and was actually selling my collection, that moment is when my journey really started.

And I am so grateful. xx

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