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Timeless - Handmade - Limited Edition

French - Independent

Slow fashion


A line designed for Women who dare to enjoy life

and who are looking for charactere and kindness in her wardrobe.

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‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’

Vivienne Westwood 

Our Ethos

We’re small but we care.

We are a small business. Did you know that every 33bis artisanal edition piece has been designed and carefully handmade by Manon?

33bis Artisanal Edition is handmade with love from her to you!


Being a small independent brand means

each product is our passion project.

As a conscious brand, we have the flexibility to explore more eco choices to create unique pieces.


⁠As a small label, we try to be an environmentally conscience brand, for example, 95% of our fabrics are from the end of rolls or deadstock, that we upcycle. Instead of these fabrics ending up in landfills or forgotten somewhere we are really happy to give them a second life.


With my Grandmother by my side, we go searching all over Paris hand-selecting deadstock fabrics! The treasure hunt continues overseas as well, anywhere we travel, at every opportunity, we’re carefully choosing the fabrics, which we love the look and feel of. We create unique pieces by upcycling with the fabrics we’ve discovered on our adventures.

To us, each item has a little story of where it comes from.

Things shouldn’t be in excess, this way we can treasure what we have more.

We can use our favourite fabrics without hurting the earth and contributing to growing landfills, and you can find that one-off accessory or piece that you can’t find anywhere else!

Our clothes & accessories are limited edition, as we rarely find large quantities of a fabric,

once it’s gone, we may never find it again!

But that’s what we love.

Our Collections

We love designing each season with care.


We want to make sure from the designing to the making

that we do our best to make the most of our leftover fabric, we make sure to use the excess fabrics into our accessories and other projects!


Also, we only produce the garment once you’ve ordered it online

or for shows and occasionally pop up shops.

This way, with each season we design and make clothes for, we don’t get rid of the previous collection on our online shop.

This is because we are strong advocates for slow living.

We only take something off our shop once the fabric is gone.


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We care about being effortlessly timeless.

The whole process of designing and making is a labour of love,

so why would we make something that is only fashionable in this moment.

Our style is timeless.


When designing and selecting our fabrics we choose them for comfort, which are kind and soft to the touch.

When you’re comfortable in what you wear,

the confidence that shines is the ultimate style.


Style doesn’t age, it is timeless and that’s what we want to create.

Not whatever shape, print or colour is fashionable that year.

We are more interested in creating pieces that enable someone to

easily make an outfit, to effortlessly transition from day to night,

from work to play.


We celebrate the fluidity, freedom and fun in clothing,

we abhor to be restricted by clothing.

With design inspired by this notion,

our wardrobe is one that adores the female form,

made for those with enthusiasm for life.

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