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Marble Surface


MIdnight Tilly knot-tie 1.jpg

~ Sometimes the little blemishes and faults add character ~

Occasionally when I make accessories, mistakes and snags can happen.

These pieces have small imperfections, that are mostly unnoticeable especially when worn.

Instead of hiding them in my studio, I want to find them a new home where they can be cherished warts and all.

Please make sure to see the second image of the product as it shows a clear image of the fault.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

I am a perfectionist so even the tiniest mark is scrutinized. 

Normally at the market when I've spotted an imperfection I am able to offer customers discounts,

but most often than not, I end hiding them in my studio.

I am human, these things happen and I'm learning to be okay with it, I want to embrace the imperfections!

They are beautiful,

they are comfortable,

they are imperfectly perfect.


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