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Covid-19 Update

I wanted to give you an update on how 33bis Artisanal Edition is effected by COVID-19

and how it will be continuing business during this crazy time!

Your Order:

As you know I make everything myself, by hand and with care.

Normally accessories take 2-3 days to be made and ready to send out, 

and 2-3 weeks for clothing, as they are made to order after the order is processed.

Currently, due to the overwhelmed postal service (Covid-19 + Brexit)

please allow for up to a 2-week delay for your order to arrive after it has been processed,

as they are currently being sent from France.

 I am making sure to email and notify customers when orders are being sent out and

that they are sent tracked and signed .... in my cute eco-friendly packaging!

Thank you for your understanding, it's a very confusing time, 

I am doing my best to react quickly so that you can enjoy your experience with 33bis.

Take care, stay safe.

Physical Trading:

Closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, I will update you as soon as I have new information!


Not being able to trade at the market for most of this year

has added to a very challenging year.

During this time I wanted to bring the market experience to my website.

At the market, I can have so many more patterns and colours, with some of my accessory pieces being completely one-off.

And so I had an online Pop-up sale, a selection of headbands that were super limited edition were put on to my online shop! 

I was so pleased with the positive reaction from you!

I have been steadily adding more to my shop, with new styles, prints and collections, 

my hope is that you have enjoyed all the different handmade pieces just like you would have at the market!

I sent out early access to my Customers subscribed to my newsletter and it's definitely something I plan to do again!
Make sure to sign up for my newsletter if you're interested in super limited edition accessories!

Sharing kindness:

During this time I have found that exercising kindness to myself and others has made it easier to ground myself. 

We all need help during these times, and it made me think about the people who have needed help before COVID-19.

With every facemask you buy, I am donating a mask to the Whitechapel mission,

as part of a 'Buy one, donate one' for more information on that you can go here.

I am also giving a free mask to you when you order over £50

I was reminded that I am a small business owner, and although that can be stressful it is also empowering.

I felt more comfortable being vocal about the things I care about, like raising awareness that Black Lives Matter, Black Minds Matter.

It means if I want to do more than I can. If I want to help in some capacity then I can. I can do more.
I am excited about the future, I am excited for what more I can do to help people around me.

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and constant support as we all try and navigate through these crazy times!

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