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Updated: Jun 12

I hope you're all doing ok 🧡

It's a really weird & stressful time right now,

and it's so easy to feel isolated, scared and stressed, where we feel helpless.

What we can do though is practice self-love

so that we can make space in ourselves to extend kindness onto others.

Making and handing these fabric masks out to shop workers. postal workers, friends, and family have shown me how relieved and safer people feel when they have something that provides an extra layer of protection.

The gratitude and kind response to something I just felt was a nice thing to do, made me feel kinder to myself even on the days where I feel like I can't do anything. We don't have to stress ourselves into being productive every day, especially when we're emotionally overwhelmed, and mentally stressed.

I am now putting a free handmade fabric mask into UK orders, as I had customers contacting me about them!

I am enjoying selecting the fabrics when making these masks, personally, I really love the funkier prints, they make me smile!

During these times gestures of kindness to ourselves and others have the power to make this lockdown a more bearable and less scary place.

Stay safe and stay kind x

 -FREE delivery on orders over £15 for the UK ~ FREE delivery for orders over £75 to the E.U & worldwide! 

& a ♡FREE fabric mask♡ for orders over £50!       Stay Safe xxxx

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