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My 2022 Recap!

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Reflecting on what 2022 was made of and taking a moment to say

thank you for your love and support throughout the year, you are amazing 🧡


Started the year by going to all the exhibitions.

I found it really invigorating and motivating to visit these artists' works.

Inspiration can be found across any and all disciplines!

♡ Thierry Mugler: Couturissime,

♡ Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirror Rooms,

♡ Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 50s – Now


Everything at 33bis is handmade and sometimes small mistakes happen,

instead of contributing to landfill, I am embracing the imperfect.

The 'Imperfectly Perfect Sale' is the opportunity to have my handmade accessories

that have slight defects at a discounted price!


March is Women's History Month, I wanted to honour this in some way,

though I am a firm believer that Women should be celebrated every day,

I am also aware that there is much room for progress.

It is important to reflect on the small and large movements made toward a future of equality.

I wanted to extend a small gesture of kindness to my customers 😘


I was excited to launch a new accessory style after many years of research...

In April we welcomed the Turban!

A shape that has a full coverage of the head,

soft gentle fabrics are used for this accessory can be styled in numerous ways!


Celebrating my Birthday basking in beautiful sunsets.

I also launched my new Summer clothing collection. ☀️


The return of the Garden Party!

So happy to be able to organise this cute little private sale I hold in Paris.


Worked on a special tailor-made order for a customer!

I loved working on this bespoke order.

Took a lovely little break!


I meet the best customers at Spitalfields on the weekends,

prep and send out your orders on the weekdays!


A month of designing, preparing and making the new AW 22/23 clothing collection.

The whole process of putting together a collection is always so exciting. All the hard work is always worth it, the satisfied feeling of seeing the collection all photographed! I was so happy to be able to celebrate the wrapping up of the photoshoot

with a lil' getaway to Greece!

Launching the new AW22/23 Collection.


Launched a new beautiful Japanese Collection in collaboration with Wamono Paris.

I love upcycling their leftover fabrics to create this very limited edition collection!


Trade show in the south of France! I was absolutely exhausted from it but I can not wait to go back.


A busy race to the end of the year, working hard to fulfill all your orders

so that they get to you in time for Christmas! Feeling so grateful for all these orders, thank you!

I hope you had a fulfilling 2022 !!

Wishing you a

beautiful, peaceful & loving 2023

full ✨😘




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