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My 2021 Recap!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

My 2021 Recap full of moments of love, joy, peace, and of course challenges.



A time of Adapting, Patience, Acceptance & Resilience.

Starting the year with another lockdown in UK.

Brexit is here, orders between UK and EU are blocked.

I am stuck in France for who knows how long...

Breathing & Self care, by doing things I love and adapting through the chaotic situation.

♡ fabric shopping

♡ cooking & spending time with family



March is when I launched my New Spring Collection


Feeling super proud of myself and owning it.

I have climbed my Mount Everest of work.

I am a stubborn woman and I never give up.

My business is being restructured and it feels good!

I'm also... back in London!!


May was a time of getting into the Summer Mood!


It's here!!!

It was a hustle to ge it

but I finally have my British Passport.

A weight off my shoulders,

and it feels sooooo gooood!

Appreciating London's weather and walks along the canal.


Launched the beautiful Japanese Collection in collaboration with Wamono Paris.

I love upcycling their leftover fabrics to create this very limited edition collection!

Can't wait to do this again.



Preparing the Autumn/Winter collection.


While waiting for the pictures to be edited, lil' gateway trip with girlfriends in Rome!


Launching the new AW21/22 Collection.


Trade show in the south of France, my first time in forever!

So lovely to be back, although I am absolutely exhausted for it I can not wait to go back.


I am so happy to have wrapped up the year with this private show, so happy with how it looked!

Cheers to a full on year !!

Wishing you a

Happy New Year,

a healthy one,

full of joy,

love & peace.



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