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'Fast Extinction'- a charity Exhibition by Montana Lowery!

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Montana is a dear friend of mine, a beautiful woman inside and out, and an incredible photographer.

You have seen her work as she has been doing my photoshoots for a few years now

and the energy is gooood!

Montana has always been conscientious about climate change

and she wanted to raise awareness on the subject,

so she created an amazing photography exhibition that you can see in

Carnaby Street extended till the 13th October

She aims to raise money and awareness towards WWF and their efforts to help protect

critically-endangered animals, their habitats and their future survival.

She uses fashion photography to focus on the unsustainability of fast fashion,

specifically its deeply negative effects on critically-endangered animals

by focusing on those most at risk from a staggering 32000 species facing extinction.⁠

"I want to remind people that many animals live on the brink of extinction,

because of our actions, every day. 

We are all very happy to wear a Leopards spots, but, how many of us think about the fact that if we don’t protect these animals, there will come a day when we are wearing the prints of animals that no longer exist. The prints will live on only in landfills and our wardrobes. " -Montana Lowery-

The exhibition is on until the

28th Septemeber at 24 Carnaby Street

if you can't make it

you can read more about her project here.

You can view a few of her pieces online here.

Please let anyone you know who might be interested in seeing this exhibition and share the project as I think it's a great way to raise awareness, and to bring about positive change.

> Make a donation <

Manon XX

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