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   Safe xx


Let's share the love, kindness, and reusable fabric masks!

Buy one, donate one

For every mask sold, one is donated to the Whitechapel mission.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

In this weird time, let’s show the best of ourselves,

let’s be kind to one another,

let’s share some love because we definitely need it,

and let’s stay connected!

I have been giving them to drivers and local heroes when I realized they couldn't find any.

But let’s not forget the people who needed our help even before COVID-19.

I wanted to do more in the capacity that I can. ⁠
So this is a call to action to share some Love and Help.

Buy one, donate one means that for every mask bought, the homeless charity,

the Whitechapel mission will receive one too.

Take care of yourself, stay home, stay safe,

and share some kindness around, in the capacity you can.



The Whitechapel Mission

has been serving the homeless and marginalised for 143 years – including a day centre, skills training and career advice, activity programmes and specialist support for complex needs. By encouraging each person to address the issues which caused their homelessness, we help them to gain the skills and confidence to make lasting changes in their lives.

We believe everyone deserves a chance, regardless of their background, race or religion.

We are open to all, without exception.

We are open every day of the year and expect to see as many as 300 homeless and vulnerable men and women each day. And we do this without public funding.

We know that we can, and are, making a positive and lasting difference to the people who ask for our help.

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