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My Top 9 of 2020!

My top 9 pictures from 2020 represent moments of love, joy, peace, and of course challenges.

I won't lie, 2020 has been draining, emotionally, financially and physically.

But it also reminded me of what is important in my life.

It has been a journey, of ups and downs, challenges, resilience,

healing, self-discovery, self-love and personal growth.


1. 2020 had a great start, I had my first proper holiday from work since I started 33bis, it felt like such a big deal and it was lovely as I went back to the Caribbean for the first time in 8 years

to visit family. Obviously this was just before Covid-19 with all the lockdowns and isolation had begun.

2. A collapse of a daily life routine, not having control over anything and coming to terms with learning to accept it. This post from @vivianhoorn just embodies that mood, where we were all left to process and deal with what our new normal was going to be like.

3. Due to lockdowns and restrictions, it just felt like distrations were few and far between, I found myself rediscovering many simple pleasures one of my favourites during the warmer months was just to sit on my little balcony and appreciate where I am.

4. Grateful moments, the constant support from customers made me so grateful. Despite not being able to trade physically and working hard on reacting to all these changes, at times could be so disheartening and exhausting but when I received pictures of yourselves wearing something I've made, or when I received the genuine kinddest messages of support and encouragement, you made me smile and carry on to create even more handmade pieces that I hope you would fall in love with.

5. Appreciating the reopening of borders and jumping on the first train back to France to finally visit my family & friends.

6. Realising that I can support and help causes as a small business, what started as a small project of giving out handmade face masks to essential workers locally to donating fabric face masks to those in need at the Whitechapel Mission a local charity for the homeless. Kindness in times of crisis.

7. Taking the time to cherish the simple beauty of the sunrise and sunsets from my balcony.

8. It was easy at many times to just lean into the chaos of this year, but something as simple as sunshine and fresh air was so very calming and invaluable to the soul.

9. Beautiful long walks along the canal. My new summer favourite!

Wishing you a Happy New Year, a healthy one,

full of joy, love and peace.




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