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Imperfectly Perfect

~ Sometimes the little blemishes and faults add character

Everything in my shop is handmade by me, I care about crafting comfortable chic and cutting down on waste as I do so. I'm adding a section to my shop for pieces that have small imperfections at a discounted price, up to 70% off, to further reduce my waste!

As you may know, I source quite a lot of my fabrics from deadstock, and I love upcycling my fabric scraps, collaging them to make unique one-off headbands like my Gold & Wax Collection.

Sometimes when I make accessories, mistakes and snags can happen. This could be a thread in the fabric being pulled, these marks are small, and mostly unnoticeable especially when worn, but I am a perfectionist so even the tiniest mark is scrutinised! Normally at the market when I've spotted an imperfection I am able to offer customers discounts, but most often than not, I end hiding them in my studio.

I am human, these things happen and I'm learning to be okay with it, I want to embrace the imperfections!

As an independent business, honestly, it's very difficult for me to do Black Friday or Winter Sales, but I want to express my feelings of gratitude for your continued support!

I hope that you can find a piece in this collection that you will fall in love with warts and all! This month I will be releasing more handmade goodness your way!

I want people to enjoy these headbands, instead of collecting them in my studio.

They are beautiful, they are comfortable, they are imperfectly perfect.


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