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How Brexit is effecting my small business.

Updated: Mar 11, 2021


I wanted to talk about how Brexit is affecting my business

and how I am working diligently to make 33bis 'Brexit proof'.

As you may know, I am in France at the moment,

and so orders to the U.K are being affected by Brexit,

I am making sure to update my Delivery & Returns page

as I get a clearer picture of what that means.

For now, orders from France to the U.K are experiencing some delays

and you may be aware that people are being charged extra VAT for deliveries from the EU.

As of yet, my customers have not experienced being charged extra fees.

However, if you do get charged on receiving your order from 33bis,

please get in contact with me at,

with a receipt and I will cover the VAT charge.

All orders are being sent 'Track & Signed'

this means it will be possible to get updates on your delivery for peace of mind!

As I am in France right now orders to the EU are no problem!

I am currently working on doubling my stock to have in

France so that in the future when I am back in London.

when ordering from the EU if you make your order via

your order will be sent from Paris and you will avoid any possible delays or extra charges!

Thank you for being so patient with me as I figure out the teething issues with Brexit, lockdown etc.



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