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Gold & Wax Collection!

Celebrate the vibrant colours, and expressive patterns of beautiful wax print 

with my new collection of Limited Edition Gold & Wax Headband Collection!

This is a limited run of headbands, collaged with  a bold wax print and the shiny textured fabric to create unique headbands that will brighten up your day!

Handmade with all my love

As you know I am a huge wax print fan, and my favourite part of creating this collection has been the fabric selection!

In the past you may have seen me collaborate with other designers from Spitalfields Market  who embrace African wax print in their own work. My vast collection of wax prints of offcuts from these designers, as well as yards and yards of fabrics I’ve found for myself are now being celebrated in this new collection! I hope you can tell how much I’ve enjoyed mixing and matching the beautiful wax prints with these textured fabrics creating these unique pieces. A couple of years ago I did a similar collection and was so touched by your positive reception! I hope that you love these new additions even more!

Inject colour, gold and bold prints into your everyday!

Manon XX


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