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A moment to reflect✨

This year has been made of many moments of processing, and reflection,

as we embark into Autumn I am so excited to get back to designing, making,

and putting together my Autumn/Winter 20 Womenswear Collection!

I was looking back at my winter collection from 2 years ago, we shot it in Bari, Italy,

back when traveling for a photoshoot was an option...

I appreciate how easy it was to go abroad now more than ever!

Especially the freedom in which we would stroll in such a beautiful scenic town,

wandering the streets to find the perfect spot for a picture, a pizza, or a spritz Aperol,

such a precious time... arrfff life, you know?

I love creating these collections because it gives me a moment to see how much I’ve learned,

what I am influenced by and it shapes the vibe of the whole line.

It is a moment where I have to stop the spinning wheel of being a business woman and to actually take the time to reassess and focus on the feelings I want to express. I need clarity.

Sometimes it is harder to get into this space,

2020 has definitely triggered some strong emotions and made me work on myself quite a bit!

It is actually therapeutic and usually once I get in the zone, you won't see me for a couple of weeks,

I am so focused and enjoying what I am doing and the process of it.

A collection encapsulates

where I am now,

where I have been

and where I am going.

That’s why in alignment with designing new shapes and patterns,

I have pieces that I revisit and update with new prints or additional details because I am always learning, and building upon my previous work.

It is a constant work in progress

and I love it.

When your journey seems difficult because of external factors you can't control (hello Covid-19),

it is always nice to look at how far you've come. It gives you extra fuel to push forward!

My new winter collection is almost ready and I can't wait to share it with you.




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