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We're in love with Morocco for our SS19 Womenswear Collection.

Our Ines Draped Top in Satin Blue from our Moroccan Collection

They say “colour is therapeutic “, and I believe this is so true.

I fell in love with the warmth of Marrakech. The town is overflowing with colours so vivid, it embraces you and brings a feel of sun and joy to you alongside the warm and soothing pink of the city walls. This was all so enchanting to me.

Every street is a treasure.

From long ago I had always dreamed of visiting North Africa. Being from East Paris, colours, music and spices were deeply ingrained within the culture in which I grew up. In my past Collections I have used visual references from Morocco as inspiration. Going there this year was truly a dream come true.

I took in all the feelings Marrakech brought me and transcribed

it in my own way into this year summer collection.

The soothing vibe that the city offers is found in the relaxed line of the collection.

I designed and made the Collection thinking of those walks in the golden streets of Marrakech.

Walking in the summer breeze in a garment that caresses softly on your skin.

Because you feel so good in your skin, and because you love life and you love yourself, your confidence glows and your femininity shines.

Fabrics from our Moroccan Collection

It is a collection that reflects being calm, confident and elegant.

Because, in my opinion,

there is nothing as beautiful

as a woman who shines from inside out.

In order to do that I wanted to get rid of the restrictive movement that clothes can dictate. Get rid of all obstacles in your journey of self discovery, love and femininity.

I wanted to reflect this subtle harmony that is Marrakech with the colours and prints I used for this summer collection.

By exploring the collection, you will discover the cumin and the saffron,

the pink walls, the green and the leaves from palm trees

and a powder blue that mixes the blue Majorelle with the soft evening blue sky.

Our Samira Sleeveless Top in Satin Green with lace details, perfect for the summer!

In the chaos of creativity, in the chaos of the streets in the Souks,

this collection relaxed me, made me breath. I made this Summer Collection “Morocco” with love.

I hope you will love it as much as I do.




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